Casco Bay Island Delivery Headline

Now Delivering to Casco Bay Islands

Here is the “how-to”:

  • Place orders by 9am Tuesday.
    Peaks Island orders will be sent on the 12:15pm Wednesday ferry. 
    – All other Casco Bay Islands will be on the 12pm Wednesday ferry. 
    – Customers are responsible for picking their orders up island-side in the freight area.
  • There is a $10 per order delivery charge, which includes the Casco Bay Lines freight fee.
  • Before placing your order, visit us online at or on FaceBook for all our current fresh produce, farm fresh meats, deli salads, soups, sandwiches, bakery & sale items. Everything in our store is available for pre-order while in stock.
  • Email your order to
    Please include:
    – first and last name
    – phone number
    – island name 
    – Please be sure to specify this is an order for DELIVERY to Casco Bay Ferry terminal.
  • Please let us know if you are ok with substitutions if we are out of stock on your choices. If you are not ok with substitutions let us know at the time of order confirmation. If we are out of stock for any of your selections, it will be noted with your delivery. Please remember we cannot accept returns at this time.
  • You will receive a return email confirming that your order has been received. An Associate will call you to go over any questions and to take payment information over the phone.

*updated 11/30