Here is an updated list of some of the items we currently have in stock for your online ordering needs. 

All prices and availability are subject to change! Check our blog for more produce updates.



  • Bananas ($1.49/lb)
  • Navel Oranges (.99ea)
  • Satsuma Mandarins ($3.49lb)
  • Avocados ($1.99ea)
  • Red Anjou Pears ($2.99lb
  • Green Anjou Pears ($2.99lb)
  • Tommy Atkins Mangos ($1.89ea)
  • Lemons (.99ea)
  • Blueberries 6z ($3.99ea)
  • Raspberries 6z ($3.99)
  • Cranberries LOCAL ($5-8 bags)


  • Organic SugarBee ($3.49lb)
  • Organic Jazz ($3.49lb)
  • Organic Granny Smith ($2.99lb)
  • ECO Certified IPM Heirloom Apples from SCOTT FARM ORCHARD, VT
    (Due to the extremely limited supply of local organic apples this season we decided to relax our organic only restrictions in order to allow us to offer you some delicious exciting varieties grown by the world renowned  SCOTT FARM in Vermont.  They have been growing apples since 1791!)


  • Knobbed Russet
  • Hudson Gold Gems
  • Esopus Spitzenburgs
Apples, apples, apples!
Sweetest are the SugarBees, Tart lovers go for Granny, Connoisseurs try the Knobbed Russets!
Ripe delicious Pears, Easy Peel Satsumas and Juicy Navels!


  • Olivia Organic Spring Mix 5z ($3.99ea)
  • Olivias Organic Spinach 5z ($3.99ea)
  • Olivia Organic Arugula 5z ($3.99ea)
  • Olivias Organics Sweet Baby Lettuce 5z ($3.99ea)
  • Cilantro ($2.99ea)Curly Parsley ($2.99ea)
  • Cucumbers ($3.99lb)Winterbore Kale ($3.49bunch)
  • Brussel Sprouts ($5-8 bag)
  • Asparagus ($8.99lb)
  • Celery ($3.99ea)Green Cabbage ($4-7ea)
  • Red Peppers ($6.99lb)
  • Crimini Mushrooms ($5.99lb)
  • Shiitake Mushrooms ($12.99lb)
  • Black Nero Radish LOCAL ($3-5 bag)
  • Rutabaga LOCAL ($2.99lb)
  • Purple Daikon LOCAL ($3-5 bag)
  • Red & Gold Beets LOCAL ($2.99lb)Parsnips LOCAL ($3-6 bags)
  • Shallots LOCAL ($6.99lb)
  • Red & Yellow Onions LOCAL ($2.99lb)
  • Carrots LOCAL ($4-6 bag)
  • Yukon Golds Potatoes PEI ($2.99lb)
  • Red Potatoes PEI ($2.99lb)
  • Russet Potatoes LOCAL ($2.99lb)
  • Baby Potatoes Mixed 1.5lb Bags ($4.99ea)
  • Pea Shoots LOCAL ($3.99ea)
  • Ginger ($10.99lb)
  • Garlic ($10.99lb)
  • Grape Tomatoes PINT ($3.99ea)
  • Tomatoes on the vine ($4.99lb)

WINTER SQUASH (all varieties $2.49lb)

  • Sunshine Kabocha
  • LOCAL Butternut
  • LOCAL Koginut 
  • LOCAL Delicata

LOCAL: Usually means its from Maine but sometimes VT or MA too.
PEI: Prince Edward Island, Canada

And for some more sights from our produce department this week…