Our Roots

Store OpenLois’ Natural Marketplace is a locally owned organic and natural products marketplace  in Scarborough, Maine. It offers an eco friendly and exciting natural foods shopping experience.

Opened in 1993, Lois' Natural Marketplace is now  celebrating its 18th year of serving  Scarborough, as well as the greater Portland, Maine region.

The Marketplace enjoys a loyal following of local residents and summer visitors to the coast of Maine. Lois’ Marketplace has a national reputation with its customers and within the network of natural foods stores across the country. Lois' is often first to bring new products to the public; several national brands of natural foods started out on the shelves of Lois'.

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Lois' Natural Marketplace offers hundreds of local and regional products, as well as other organic and top quality foods from around the world. Farm to market at Lois' often means that the produce being delivered at the back door was picked that morning! Year round selection of seasonal and regional favorites from local Maine farms.

Our Standards

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Lois' Natural Marketplace maintains a high standard of product quality. No artificial ingredients, colorings or preservatives; or genetically  modified ingredients or added transfats will be found in any of the products offered. The owners and management seek out the cleanest, purest foods; always organic, local or regional; fair trade; cruelty free and environmentally friendly. (Product policy)

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The staff at Lois' Marketplace are committed to natural foods. They are professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

The award winning cafe-deli offers a daily menu of organically prepared dishes and gluten free baking. A favorite with locals seeking a healthy lunch, Lois'cafe is busy any weekday.

We're Connected

The Marketplace is a trusted community resource for healthy eating and living. It is part of a community wide network of traditional and alternative health care providers.

The Marketplace is locally owned. It is part of a fabric of locally owned, operated and patronized businesses, keeping our dollars close to home by trusting our local farmers above mass production and factory "farming".

The owners are actively involved with the Marketplace. They bring over thirty years of passion for eating organically grown foods within a holistic diet. Their background in organic foods is rooted in the co-operative natural food movement of the 1970's. They personally source many of the products in the store and recipes used in the award winning cafe-deli are family favorites.

Their mission for bringing organic foods to the local community has taken them to organic vineyards in Italy and Spain; the Costa Rican mountains to visit an organic ginger and turmeric farm as well as organic vineyards and farms back home in Maine. They have personally inspected facilities around the country for products that bear the Lois' brand name.


The Marketplace offers a consumer value pledge:

Quality • Service • Value

our pledge, our promise!


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