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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have heard of witch hazel, but what do you use it for?

A. Witch hazel has a number of uses for both skincare and personal care including:

Skin Care:
  • Removes excess oils and impurities normalizing your skin's moisture balance
  • Cleans and Tones the skin & refines and reduces the appearance of large pores
  • Will not overdry your skin
  • Removes the last traces of makeup
  • Helps to balance the normal pH of skin
Personal Care:
  • Soothes minor cuts and abrasions
  • Soothes minor irritation after shaving
  • Soothes skin from overexposure to sun
  • Helps to reduce inflammation

and because Humphreys Witch Hazel is all-natural, it is the most gentle formulation available!

Q. How can Humphreys Witch Hazel be all-natural if it contains alcohol?

A. Unlike other astringent products that contain high levels of either synthetic alcohol or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), our products contain only natural alcohol derived from grain. This ingredient is used in limited quantities as a natural preservative.

Q. Are any of your products tested on animals?

A. No, we do not test our products on animals. At Humphreys Pharmacal animal testing is against our company philosophy. We produce the gentlest products from the finest botanical ingredients available.

Q. Do you use any harsh preservatives such as parabens in your products?

A. No, we are sensitive about the ingredients we use. All of our skincare products are EU compliant and are 100% vegetarian. They contain certified organic ingredients, no artificial colors, fragrances or harsh preservatives, such as parabens.

Q. Some of your remedies contain cornstarch. Do you use non-GMO cornstarch?

A. Yes - Our products are based on traditional, time-honored non-GMO ingredients to care for your body in the gentlest way possible. Today, we continue to produce our products in the same manner, harvesting our natural ingredients by hand and utilizing traditional processing techniques with a strict eye on quality. The result is a line of the finest natural products that contain ingredients trusted by families for more than 100 years.

Q. What is the difference between Humphreys Witch Hazel and other facial astringents and/or toners?

A. Humphreys Witch Hazel is the only all-natural astringent cleanser for facial care. Humphreys combines natural extracts of the witch hazel plant in this refreshing formulation to gently cleanse and condition your skin without overdrying. This product does not contain harsh chemical additives that could be irritating to your skin. What makes Humphreys different is the reason that dermatologists recommend it for sensitive skin - the all-natural extracts in our cleansing astringent clean deep without disturbing your skin's natural moisture balance. Other astringent products can strip your skin of essential moisture, causing your skin to become dry, flaky and irritated - an indication of damage. When your skin reaches this point, it begins to overproduce oils to compensate for the dryness, clogging pores and prolonging the very situation you were trying to correct.

Q. Humphreys Organic Botanicals Sensitive Skin Therapy - What is it?

A. Our Organic Botanicals Sensitive Skin Therapy is specially formulated to be safe and effective for individuals with the most delicate complexions. By combining our own witch hazel with jasmine and other therapeutic ingredients, Humphreys Organic Botanicals Sensitive Skin Therapy products work to calm, soothe and nourish your skin - restoring its natural balance.

Q. Should the Humphreys Organic Botanical products be used together or should I buy just one?

A. Our products can be used individually or in combination - offering you the choice of products that are right for your own skin type. Humphreys products have been developed to meet the needs of all different skin needs and types.

Q. I see that you have cleansing "milk" under the Organic Botanicals line. Does it contain any dairy?

A. No, all of our skincare products are 100% vegetarian and contain no dairy. The use of the word milk - describes the consistency of the product, which is that of a light, lotion-type cleanser.

Q. Can I use your toner without using a moisturizer?

A. Yes. This unique product provides purity, balance and protection for the skin. It can be used in combination with our Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Milk or in preparation for any moisturizer or make up application. We will be offering a moisturizer with SPF protection soon.

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