Stress : Be Calmful This School Year

From Calmful Back to School, courtesy of Natural Vitality

Remember: When daily life feels overwhelming, approach it with calmness and even humor. Try and find a perspective that is less resistive and a bit more soothing.

Understanding stress -- to conquer it!

Hectic schedules, things to do and places to be, mental, physical and emotional issues . . . yeah, all of those things cause stress. But what's at the root of it?

When a cellular action needs to take place, such as the firing of a nerve, the contraction of a muscle or the secretion of a hormone, calcium rushes into the cell to cause the function to take place, and when the action has occurred, magnesium helps push the calcium back outside the cell, allowing it to "calm down" and be ready for the next time it is needed. This happens very quickly and you can observe a similar action on a larger scale in the beating of your heart or your breathing. There is an action and a resting state. It is magnesium that permits the relaxation.

Magnesium: at the heart of stress-free back to school

With adequate magnesium levels, you can experience stressful events (mental, emotional or physical) and return to a calm state; if you're deficient, the cells will keep firing long after the action is needed, unable to stop and leading to both acute and long-term stress symptoms. It's like having a light switch partially on. The current keeps flowing and energy is continually drained.

Stress causes magnesium to be depleted from the body, and too much calcium combined with a magnesium deficiency can tax the body even more. Playing a role in around 800 enzyme reactions in the body and found all through the body's tissues, magnesium is a key element in repairing the body's biology.

Are you getting enough if you don't supplement? Consider this: About half the population is lacking in this important mineral. Most people don't eat enough magnesium-rich foods (and even experts say it is hard to get enough magnesium with an average diet alone and suggest supplementation), we can only absorb about half of what we take in and we easily deplete ourselves of the mineral when we drink coffee, eat sugar, sweat from physical activity and experience chronic stress.

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