Allergies : Nip Allergies in the Bud

Flowers and trees are blooming, grass is growing, and—ah-choo!—you can’t stop sneezing. Seasonal allergies affect millions of Americans, and in addition to sneezing, symptoms can include a runny nose, congestion, itchy eyes, and a variety of other bothersome symptoms. The Mayo Clinic offers these helpful strategies for keeping allergies under control.

First and foremost, reduce your exposure to triggers.
  • Stay indoors on dry, windy days. The best time to go outside is after a good rain, which helps clear pollen from the air.
  • Delegate chores that stir up allergens, like mowing the lawn and pulling weeds.
  • Line-dried laundry can be wonderful, except during allergy season. Pollen can stick to sheets and towels, so avoid hanging laundry outside.
Take extra steps when pollen counts are high.
  • Check your local TV station or the Internet for current pollen levels.
  • Close doors and windows at night or any other time pollen counts are high.
  • Avoid outdoor activity in the early morning when pollen counts are highest.
While it’s impossible to eliminate all allergens from the air inside your home, a few things may help.
  • Use air conditioning in the house and in the car.
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep indoor air dry.
  • Clean floors often with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter.
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