Lois' Produce

At Lois’ Natural Marketplace we sell ONLY certified organic or hydroponically grown produce. No need to be confused here. When in season, we buy directly from local farms and pass the savings on to our customers.

While even organically grown produce can be susceptible to contamination, the instances are extremely rare, contained and more easily traceable as compared to the risks of commercially grown and packagedproduce. We buy only through trusted suppliers that we have known for years.

When in season and regionally available, we buydirect from Maine and New England growers.Some of the local organic farms we buy frominclude the following:

  • Frith Farm
  • Fishbowl Farm
  • King Hill Farm
  • Sparrow Farm
  • Olivia's Garden
  • Ricker Hill Orchards
  • Crown of Maine

We have fresh produce deliveries four to five days a week. Check us out on Facebook for more information about our deliveries.

Summer in Maine

Maine's cool summer mornings and warm sunny afternoons tempered by the ocean breezes and inland valleys is a perfect environment for a cornucopia of local organic farm produce: local beef, pork, lamb, poultry, eggs, milk and cheeses.

The Marketplace celebrates the season with an abundance of local produce for your family meals and summer holiday gatherings.

Lois' is a proud member of MOFGA!

Top 10 Reasons for Going Organic

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