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Lois’ Natural Marketplace offers an eclectic mix of great wines at great values. We carry domestic wines from Washington State, Oregon, California, New York State andMaine. Imported varietals from France, Spain,Portugal,Italy, Germany, Greece, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and Austrailia.

We have a large selection of organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines; including vegan, low sulfite and no sulfite wines. Our wine buyers have visited organic vineyards and wineries in Rioja, Spain, Tuscany and Union, Maine.

Some helpful definitions by Paul Chartrand, of Chartrand Imports -the first importer of organic wines in the United States.

Sulfites - All grapes contain some amount of naturally occurring sulfites. Sulfur is also added to wines as an antioxidant and anti bacterial. Organic wines do not contain any added sulfites, only those naturally occurring. Some organic wines contain so few even naturally occurring sulfites, that they can be labeled “SULFITE FREE”.Contrary to what most people think, white wines generally have more sulfites than reds.


Organic - Made with USDA approved, certified organic grapes, (winery must be certified organic and soil free of additives for a minimum of three years), no added sulfites.

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Made with organic grapes - Also USDA approved certified organic grapes, BUT may have sulfites added up to 100ppm.


Biodynamic - A method of organic farming that considers the entire vineyard or farm as a self sustaining organism.Animals are used as an integral part of the life cycle. The positions of the moon, planets and stars are part of the biodynamic method.

Sustainable - An unregulated term indicating that the winery may use environmentally responsible practices.


Vegan - No animal derived products (ie. egg whites) are used in the fining or clarification of the wine.


There are many advantages to drinking organic wines. The lower yields provide better tasting grapes with more extraction of flavor. Surprisingly, organic wines are often a better value than comparable conventional wines.

Many people who have an adverse reaction to drinking wine,often find that they do not suffer any reaction to organic wines. (Sometimes people are reacting to chemicals other than sulfites that have been added to conventional wines.)

Lois’ Natural Marketplace has carried domestic and imported organic wines from Chartrand Imports for 17 years.

In addition to our vast array of wines from the classic regions we all know so well. We also proudly stock a great selection of Maine wines sourced from the orchards and vineyards right here in our great state ! Stop on in and check out our great local selections from Savage Oakes, Bartlett, Sweetgrass, Prospect Hill, Breakwater Vineyards and more.

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